KaizenEdu – A Virtual Education platform for Commerce Professional Students


We guide, enlighten, train and motivate Indian commerce professional students in choosing and walking their career path through informational products on our virtual platform.

We run with the Vision of Connecting Indian commerce professional students to the greatest resource –Information.

Founders – CMA Mrudula M & Dr. Ragunath R are highly motivated professionals with the aim of helping students.

Through KaizenEdu they provide:

Online coaching is provided via a virtual platform – A user friendly mobile application. Students can choose the subjects they want and subscribe (Like Netflix or Prime) for the period they want and learn on the go in their pace.

The Editorial page of KaizenEdu contains high quality articles written by Commerce professionals experienced in their respective fields. The Idea is to educate students and fellow professionals with technical, autobiographical, career counselling and motivational articles.

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Career guidance is something very difficult to find for professional course students. We have a oneon-one career counselling wing, where the student can book a personal session with the Co-founder Mrudula herself.

A Commerce student unaware of the career path or a professional wanting to change the career path can book a Graphology session with the Co-founder to understand about their skills and traits and make a better career choice.

The founders are building a skill development wing to ensure students become ‘Complete Professionals’ equipped with all soft skills necessary to grow into successful professionals. This is coming soon.


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