Indians want to spend their money in these places along with saving for the future, know full details

Indian consumers have become more cautious than ever about their earnings and expenses. They are now giving priority to spending wisely and only on essential items. The special thing is that in view of the situation arising during the Corona epidemic, now they are also emphasizing on saving for the future.

A survey by Deloitte says that Indian consumers are taking a cautious approach and saving more for the future. Along with this, they want to bring balance in their earnings and savings by reducing non-essential expenses.

spending on entertainment and hobbies
The report said that Indians are prioritizing their spending on their shopping, entertainment and hobbies. Surveyed consumers are preparing to spend on personal care and clothing, hobby activities, entertainment and travel. After this comes the number of electronics, home furnishings and restaurants.

Balance for Happiness and Spending
Deloy said the analysis shows that consumer sentiment is now turning positive. They are carefully trying to strike a balance between their happiness and spending and are saving more for the future. Porus Doctor, Partner, Deloitte Touch Tohmatsu India LLP said that Indian consumers are now focusing more on saving for the future.

Businessmen want to go on business tour
The report said that things are returning to normal in corporate India and travel restrictions are being lifted. In such a situation, Indian business is preparing for the trip. According to the survey, about 83 percent of Indians are expected to go on business tour in the next three months. Most of the consumers are optimistic about their financial condition during the next three years.