Indian Institute of Accounting (IIA) will open like IIT in the country

There is a preparation to open Indian Institute of Accounting (IIA) like IITs and IIMs in the country. Its proposal has been prepared, which has sparked a new debate about its quality. With the proposed IIA, it will be quite complicated for the students to decide which course to enroll in, which will make their future better. They will get the right to audit. After the degree programme, they will be given the status of Certified Professional Accountants (CPA). However, the curriculum of IIA is yet to be decided. In this profession for the first time since the start of the new institute.

There are possibilities of reservation. There is a provision of reservation in all central institutions, but reservation is not given in CA and CS courses. Recently a parliamentary panel has recommended the creation of institutes on par with IITs and IIMs for the betterment of the accounting and finance profession.

Admission after 12th through national level entrance

The Board of Governance of this institute will consist of experts, lawmakers, officials from the Ministry of Finance, Education and Corporate Affairs. The best experts related to finance, administration, business etc. will be made the chairman and members of the institute. The academic council of the institute will decide the curriculum. Students will be able to take admission in IIA after 12th through a national level entrance test.

5 thoughts on “Indian Institute of Accounting (IIA) will open like IIT in the country”

  1. Prateek sharma

    This news is not true why you r spreading false information. Please read the bill carefully there is no iia in the bill , Gov of India not accepted iia.

  2. When will the student article trainee be relieved of menial tasks and get management exposure? IIA is a good step and examinations and valuation needs to be impartial to select the talent not surnames.

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