Influencers must provide detailed note or disclaimers. Brand collabs will be treated as a paid tie – up. Any violation will result in penalties starting from ₹ 10 lakh. Violations can also lead to a ban of 3 years.

As per Mirror Now sources, the guidelines may include mandatory disclosure of any kind of promotional content failing which a financial penalty could be imposed. The action will be taken under CCPA rules.

The penalty may range from Rs 10 lakh for the single offence to Rs 20 lakh for repeated violation.

Increased transparency: Last year, Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), the self-regulated advertising industry body, had come up with the rule that any influencer posting video or a photo that is of a promotional format should clearly say ‘advertisement’ or ‘Paid’ or the partnership label tag that Instagram allows.

Protecting users’ interest: So now what the consumer affairs ministry is expected to do is not allow the user misled. The purpose of the guidelines would that that the messaging should be obvious that nobody nobody misses the fact that whether the content is paid promotion or not.

This may not only be limited to social media influencers but also to celebrities from other fields in this gamut of guidelines.