Gold smuggling at Jaipur airport in a savage manner, the customs department confiscated

Gold being smuggled from abroad is being confiscated in many states of the country. For this, smugglers try to dodge the customs department of the airport by inventing many lewd methods. At present, during the checking at Jaipur International Airport on Saturday, the customs team has got success.

According to the information, smuggled gold has been recovered during checking at Jaipur International Airport. This gold has been found in the luggage of a passenger, whose value is estimated to be more than one crore rupees. It is being told that this passenger had landed at Jaipur International Airport on Air Arabia flight G9435 from Sharjah.

On checking the check-in baggage of the passenger at the Jaipur International Airport, customs officials suspected something suspicious. After which the X-ray machine showed that there were some dark and dense metal wires in the luggage of the passenger. At the same time, during the enquiry, the passenger refused to keep or carry any such item.

After which his bag was opened and searched. During which four round wires made of gold were found hidden behind an iron cover polished with white rhodium from the bag. At present, the gold brought by smuggling in a smuggled fashion is being said to be 99.50 percent pure. Whose weight was 2,170.300 grams, while its value was estimated at more than one crore rupees. It has been confiscated under the provisions of the Customs Act, 1962 and the passenger has been arrested.

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