Fake Job Racket in Myanmar

There have been media reports related to ongoing Myanmar based fake job racket entrapping Indians for digital/crypto scam. An estimated 100-150 Indian nationals are stuck in Myawaddy area of Myanmar across Thailand. Our assessment is that most of the Indian nationals are from Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Since the first reporting of the case in July 2022, the Ministry of External Affairs through its Embassies in Thailand and Myanmar has been taking necessary action to rescue such Indian nationals including facilitating necessary consular access to the rescued/released Indian nationals at Immigration Detention centers. Through the efforts of our Mission in Yangon, 32 Indian nationals have already been rescued from Myanmar. Both our Embassies in Yangon and Bangkok have issued advisories and have been regularly taking up the matter with the local authorities.

It has come to our notice that duped Indian nationals travel using the ‘Visa on arrival’ facility to Bangkok and are quickly transferred to Myanmar hence tracking their arrival and onward movement is not possible until the Indian Embassy is contacted by the victims or their relatives after being trafficked across the border. It has been revealed by some of the rescued victims that such camps are located in Myanmar and mostly under protection of some armed groups. In many instances individuals had taken the offer and joined the camps despite being pre-warned by our Missions through regular advisories. It has also been noted that some Indians are voluntarily involved in scamming jobs and reportedly received good remuneration/incentive to lure other Indian nationals.

The target groups are IT skilled youth who are duped in the name of lucrative data entry jobs in Thailand through social media advertisements as well as by Dubai and India based agents. So far names of companies namely OKX Plus (Dubai based), Lazada, Super Energy group, Zhentian group have been identified offering these jobs. The trapped victims are allowed limited movement and restricted phone usage. They are forced to engage in digital scamming and crypto fraud activities. Fake FB/Instagram accounts and Ids are created in the name of Chinese girls which are further used to befriend with high networth individuals from USA and European countries to dupe them in the name of Crypto Currency investment. Cases of some Indians managing to secure release after paying ransom to the tune of USD 3500 to 7000 have also come to our notice.

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