Don’t Scan QR Code To Receive Money. SBI Alerts Customers

Today, in the modern era where all the work is now being done online, especially in the Corona era, the use of cashless transactions has increased. In such a situation, thugs find new ways to cheat people. In the recent past, there have been cases of fraud by scanning the QR code from the mobile. In view of these increasing cases, SBI has alerted about customers by tweeting. The bank told that if you get any QR code, and it is said that it will bring money to your account, then get alerted immediately and understand that this is a fraud.

State Bank of India tweeted from its official Twitter account and informed that you do not need to scan any code to receive money.

How QR Code Works 

The information inside the QR code is encrypted. You can be redirected from here to payment related information like someone’s phone number, payment gateway, website etc. You only scan it to decrypt it.

How is cheating

SBI said in the tweet that you can scan the QR code only for giving money. Money can never be received by scanning. Many times, due to lack of complete information, people can make a mistake by coming in the words of thugs. In the last few years, a lot of frauds related to this have happened.

Follow these tips 

1.) Keep in mind that the UPI PIN is entered only at the time of sending money. Not while receiving.

2.) While sending money to any person, make sure to verify the UPI id, name, mobile number.

3.) Never share your UPI pin with anyone.

4.) In case of any problem, contact the bank directly.

5.) In case of any other technical problem, you can get information by going to the help section of the app.