The Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance has empaneled 12 Transaction Advisers for Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projects to provide necessary support to Project Sponsoring Authorities in transaction of PPP projects.

In the Union Budget 2022-23, the Government of India has announced its intention to create an enabling environment for stepping up private investment in infrastructure. Earlier, the Government has also launched a Scheme (VGF Scheme) for financial support to Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) to infrastructure projects which are economically justified but commercially unviable.

This endeavour require that the Central, State, and Local Government level, Project Sponsoring Authorities have access to quality advisory support for viable PPP transactions.

There has also been a demand from State Governments and its agencies for an enabling framework to eliminate delays in appointment of transaction advisors/consultants for preparing a shelf of bankable projects.

To create an enabling environment for stepping up of private investment in Infrastructure and to cater State Governments demand the TA panel is made available to all Central Ministries, State Governments, Statutory Bodies, Public Sector Enterprises (“PSE”) and other such undertakings within the purview of Ministries/ Departments of Government of India and State Governments either undertaking or intending to undertake PPP transactions.

The Panel will help to make the process of appointment of transaction advisors/consultant:

Effortless: By streamlining the tendering process for the engagement of transaction advisors for PPPs.Efficient: By enabling fast access to firms that have been pre-qualified against relevant criteria.Effective: By ensuring transparency and accountability through clear definition of the processes, role and responsibilities of the agencies and the private sector, leading to preparation of bankable PPP projects.

The notified panel of Transaction Advisers for PPPs is available on the website and .