Chitra Ramkrishna in Trouble, Who Was Running NSE On The Behest Of Unknown Baba

The Income Tax Department raided the house of Chitra Ramkrishna, former MD and CEO of NSE. She is accused of leaking exchange information to an unknown person. Last week, SEBI had accused Ramkrishna for leaking exchange information. SEBI has also imposed a penalty of Rs 3 crore on her.

House raided for the second time

Let us tell you that the Income Tax Department’s strictness on Chitra Ramkrishna is increasing. The Investigation Wing of IT has raided her locations in Mumbai. The special thing is that for the second time, IT was raided at her house. In this case, raids were also conducted at some places in Chennai. Chitra is accused of leaking information to an unknown person. Chitra had told SEBI that she had given information to an unknown yogi.

The scope of investigation may increase

SEBI found that there are serious flaws in the way of working and ethical conduct of Ramakrishna, after which this action was taken. Apart from SEBI, CBI, Income Tax Department and Enforcement Directorate are also investigating the matter separately. SEBI has also taken action against former NSE COO Anand Subramaniam. A penalty of 3 crores has been imposed on him. At the same time, Chitra Ramkrishna has also been fined 3 crores while Ravi Narayan fined with a penalty of 2 crores. The scope of investigation of the Income Tax Department may increase. ED (Enforcement Directorate) can also be involved in this.