Chennai Airport’s preparedness for flood threats

Chennai Airport’s boundary lies on the banks of Adyar river for a considerable stretch and often faces with the flood threat during heavy monsoons. Now, to continuously detect the water levels of Adyar river, Automatic water level recorderis installed at the secondary runway bridge site. The system will record the variation in waterlevelsof Adyar river at bridge location and the feed from the same is continuously monitored at a control station(AOCC) which is located in Terminal Building. When the river water level swells above the 9.5m MSLmark, (Bridge soffit level-10.5m MSL).The system will sound alarm in Control station and push alert messagesto 10 important AAI officials(official mobile numbers) in charge of operations. Thus by installing this facility,Chennai Airport will get alerts for protecting thevital infrastructure pertaining to Airport operationsprior to a flood event happening actually.

This is stated in a press release issued by the Corporate Communications Department, AAI Chennai Airport. Office Phone: 044 2256 4665 / Extn. 4665. Mobile:  +91-99620 01216.