Employees will be shocked! Loss in DA for the month of January, know the update of the data

There has been a big loss in the Dearness Allowance (DA) of 7th pay commission central employees in January 2022. Actually there has been a decrease in AICPI. Due to the fall in the figures, it is believed that it is possible to increase the dearness allowance of the employees in the month of July 2022 (DA Hike). Let us tell you that after the end of the month, the CPI Index has been released. After which the rating has seen a decrease of 0.3 percent.

Let us tell you that the effect of fall in the data of Consumer Price Index is seen on the increase of DA. On the other hand, if the experts are to be believed, then there is a possibility of increase in DA in July itself. In this matter, HS Tiwari, former president of AG Office Brotherhood, says that AICP-IW’s January figures have been released. A decrease of 0.3 points has been recorded in the figures. The figures have been released by the Ministry of Labor and Employment. The CPI has been recorded on the basis of retail prices including 88 industrially important centers of the country according to these figures.

For information, let us tell you that AICPI is released on the last working day of every month. On the other hand, a shortfall of All India CPI iw-31 has been found in January 2022. With this, its figure has reached 125.1 points. However, in comparison to last year, the month of January this year has seen less in CPI. In fact, a decrease of 0.51 was recorded on the same period last year, which is 0.24 percent this year. The same CPI IW data for February 2022 will be released on March 31. A decision can be taken on the increase in DA based on the data received every 3 months.

Explain that the central employees were given the increase and benefit given by the government last year. After which it was once again said by the employees that the possibility of increase was expressed in January 2022. After which the employees were waiting for the announcement of DA increase. Let us inform that in January 2022, due to the increase in dearness wage at the rate of 3 percent, after this the figure of DA increase will reach 34%. However, it is now believed that the increase in dearness allowance of the employees will be seen in the month of July itself.

However, it is being said in the media reports that more than 1 crore central employees and pensioners will be benefited by the expected announcement by the government by the end of this month. Can transfer the increased DA hike of the last two months and the arrears along with March salary. A 3 per cent hike in DA means that the total DA of central government employees will be 34 per cent.

This means a central government employee with a basic pay of Rs 18,000 will get an annual dearness allowance of Rs 73,440. If dearness allowance is increased to 34 percent, then the salary will increase from Rs 73,440 to Rs 2,32,152 to Rs 20 thousand. Here, there is no official confirmation from the government side.