7th Pay Commission: Increase in the salary of these central employees from 1000 to 8000 rupees, good news before Holi

There has been a further increase in the salary of central employees. Because the government has increased one of their allowances. The Central Government has announced to increase the Risk Allowance of Defense Civilian employees. Explain that this allowance is given on the recommendation of the Central Pay Commission and the same also asks for an increase in it.

Some categories of civilian employees in the Defense Department also get Risk Allowance. This allowance varies from post to post. The revision done this time ranges from Rs 90 to Rs 675 per month. That is, if we look at it on an annual basis, it has increased from about Rs 1000 to Rs 8000 annually.

675 rupees per month to gazetted officer

According to Vimal Vikram, Under Secretary in the Government of India, the risk allowance of civilian employees of the Defense Department has been increased on the basis of their category. Now unskilled personnel will be given a risk allowance of Rs 90 per month. Whereas above this, semi-cushion personnel will get Rs 135, skilled personnel will get Rs 180, non-gazetted officer will get Rs 408 and gazetted officer will get Rs 675 per month.

According to Vimal Vikram, only those civilian employees who are entitled to this allowance will be eligible to get it. It is not implemented for all civilian employees. According to him, this increase is being implemented from 3 November 2020.

will get big arrears

HS Tiwari, General Secretary, All India Accounts Committee, said that the government gives this allowance to some civil employees of the Defense Department. It varies according to the post. Since it has been implemented from 2020, then the employees will also get good arrears. According to Tiwari, the risk allowance was also fixed at the time of implementation of 7th pay scale. It is increased from time to time.