Big news for the people of your house and house, government’s big decision on holding tax

Property/Holding Tax The government has published the gazette related to the Jharkhand Property Tax Assessment Rules. According to the published gazette, people will now have to pay property tax according to the circle rate of the land. In the past, the main road was considered between 20 to 40 feet, which has now been reduced to more than 40 feet. It should be noted that more tax is collected from the buildings and commercial establishments located on the main road.

Apart from this, tax will be recovered by dividing the buildings into wholly residential, wholly industrial, partly residential or commercial category. Tax will be levied on mobile towers on buildings, whether it is roof or open land, considering it purely for commercial purpose. Along with this, if advertisement or hoarding has been used on any house, then tax will be recovered by adding this hoarding to the area of the house.

Gazette published related to Jharkhand Property Tax Assessment Rules

The state government has decided to collect three times more tax from hotels, bars, clubs, gyms, marriage halls, whereas shops, shops, malls, cinema halls, restaurants, guest houses etc. will be taxed at 2.5 multiple. No tax will be collected from religious places. Where underground area is also being used in petrol pumps and other commercial establishments, the underground area will be added to the carpet area.

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