Due to the lack of employment in the country, there is a competition among people of all classes to get jobs. Special attraction is seen among the youth, especially regarding government jobs. But getting a government job has its own process, for which the examination has to be given first. But youth always look for shortcuts related to this, which are being taken advantage of by fake websites and thugs. Keeping this in mind, the National Recruitment Agency has warned people to stay away from fake websites offering jobs in their names. For information, let us tell you that the National Recruitment Agency conducts online examination for the recruitment of Central Government.

NRA said this in public notice 

NRA through its own public notice said that some websites are offering exam recruitments for or through NRA i.e. National Recruitment Agency. Strict action will be taken against them by the government. This website is completely false and bogus. It was told in the notice that NRA has not yet launched any of its official website.