Govt Inviting your Ideas and Suggestions for Union Budget 2023-2024

To foster the spirit of ‘Jan Bhagidari’ , the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance invites suggestions from citizens every year, to make the Budget-making process participative and inclusive.

The Ministry looks forward to your ideas and suggestions for the Union Budget 2023-2024,

Please share your ideas and suggestions that can help transform India into a global economic powerhouse with inclusive growth.

The Ministry of Finance and MyGov looks forward to your valuable suggestions.

As you know, in the past, many suggestions shared here have been incorporated into the Annual Budget.

Participate in good governance. And help your country soar even higher!

The last date for submissions is 10th December 2022


5 thoughts on “Govt Inviting your Ideas and Suggestions for Union Budget 2023-2024”

  1. Remove black money from economy.
    Stop printing notes bigger than 100/ .
    All transactions more than 1 crore to be made public on common portal.

  2. Tax amounting to Rs 12500/- is payable even if taxable income exceeds even by One Rupee, tax slab shoots to from zero to 20 percent plus surcharge of 4 percent. So a large numbers of small traders are tempted to conceal and declare taxable income within 5:00 lacs so as to avoid paying enormous tax. This anomaly needs to be rectified by say introducing slab of 10 percent after 5 lacs. Assessees would be readily willing to pay tax and declare higher Income.

  3. CA A Mahendra Reddy

    Introduce old provisions of section 115BBE back . And GST provisions should not apply for declarations under section 115 BBE.

  4. CA A Mahendra Reddy

    Reintroduce old provisions of section 115BBE with a provision that declarations under this section do not attract GST .

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