Another new player has entered the Indian electric two-wheeler segment today. Hyderabad-based electric vehicle maker Quantum Energy today announced the signing of an MoU with MBI Korea for high-speed electric scooter technology. Along with this, the company has introduced 4 new models for the domestic market, which include Plasma, Electron, Milan and Business.

Vice President of India M. Venkaiah Naidu was also present on the occasion of the launch of these scooters of Quantum Energy. According to the information shared by the company, on the occasion, Naidu lauded Quantum Energy’s initiatives to make India a clean and green country with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint of scooters and urged the companies to make India more eco-friendly. urged to manufacture more and more electric vehicles.

Talking about the company’s electric scooters, the Plasma has a 1500 watt electric motor, which has a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour. The company claims that this scooter gives a driving range of 110 to 130 km in a single charge. Whereas in Elektron and Milan, the company has used 1000 watt motor, and 1200 watt electric motor has been given in Bziness model. These scooters offer a driving range of 80 kms to 100 kms in different riding modes. Their top speed is 50 kilometers per hour.

Quantum Energy says that advanced lithium-ion batteries have been used in these scooters, which are fully charged in 4 hours. At present, these scooters have been displayed only, which will be available for sale in the market from the month of October. This is the reason why the company has not made any announcement about the price of these scooters yet. Now it will be interesting to see to what extent customers like the performance of Quantum scooters after coming in the market.