People flocked to buy a flying car, know its price, look and features in one stroke SOLD OUT

There is a tremendous demand for Flying Car made by Swedish electric vehicle startup Jetson. The company recently started selling its flying car ‘Jetson one’ and all its units were sold out on sight. This figure of Jetson’s sale makes it clear, how excited people are about traveling in a flying car.

Delivery will start next year

 According to the report of DriveSpark, the company has booked the entire stock of Jetson One and now it is the turn of the delivery of this flying car. It said that the company can start their delivery from next year. Bumper booking of this flying car shows that people are liking this car very much.

Was launched in October 2021

 Jetson launched its flying car Jetson One in October last year. With the launch, it started getting strong response from the customers and the stock earmarked for this year has been sold-out on sight. This flying car is loaded with new technologies and features.

Capable of flying at an altitude of 1500 feet

 The Jetson One Flying Car is capable of flying at an altitude of 1,500 feet above the surface. This battery-operated flying car gives a range of 32 kms on a single full charge. Apart from this, in terms of speed, Jetson One can catch a maximum speed of 102 kilometers per hour.

Booking started for 2024

With its launch, this car became the first choice of the customers. According to the company, this flying car has been made available for all types of customers. It is very easy to operate it. However, the company is currently selling the Jutson One Flying Car only in the US. After completing the bookings for the flying car for 2023, the company is now booking for 2024.

Flying car cost Rs 71 lakh

According to the report, the price of this flying car of Jetson (Jetson Flying Car Cost) is $ 90,000 i.e. around Rs 71 lakh. This car can be easily flown for about 20 minutes on a single charge. At the time of testing this car, with a person weighing 86 kg, it was successful in flying for this long time at a top speed of 102 kilometers per hour.

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