Ola’s e-car unveils, will launch in 2024, sales of new S-1 e-scooter start

A glimpse of Ola’s first electric car

Ola launches new e-scooter

 Ola Electric has made a big announcement on the occasion of Independence Day today. The company has shown the glimpse of its first electric car to the world. Along with this, the company has also launched the new scooter Ola S-1. The company’s CEO Bhavesh Agarwal said that the starting price of Ola S1 will be Rs 99,999. This is Ola’s second electric product.

great range

Bhavesh Agarwal has given a glimpse of Ola’s first electric car. He told that the first car of Ola will come in 2024 and will be equipped with great technology. The range of Ola’s electric car will be 500 km. According to the video shown, Ola’s first car could be in the sedan segment.

all-glass roof

The Ola electric car will have an all-glass roof. This will improve the aero-dynamics of the car. Ola has just shown a glimpse of its first electric car. Bhavesh Aggarwal said that Ola’s car will not only be keyless, but will also be driverless. It will also get assisted driving features. He claimed that our car would be the fastest.

Bhavesh said that it will be the sportiest car ever made in India. He said he plans to develop two vehicle platforms and six different cars. All these will be prepared in the factory located in Tamil Nadu.

Booking for Ola S-1 Scooter

Apart from this, the company has launched Ola S-1 in the market. Bhavesh told that the booking of the new Ola S-1 scooter is starting from today itself. It can be booked at a special introductory price by paying only Rs 499. The deliveries of the new e-scooter will start from September 7 and will be available in five color options. Talking about the design, the Ola S-1 is very similar to the S-1 Pro in appearance and is based on this platform.

Ola S1 Pro was launched by the company last year. Ola S1 has a 3 kWh battery. The company claims that the new scooter has a range of 131 km and a top speed of 95 km/h. The new Ola S1 electric scooter will be offered in five color options – Red, Jet Black, Porcelain White, Neo Mint and Liquid Silver.

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