Healthy Starter for a Healthy year

We, from Tax Concept wishes all our readers, viewers, followers, subscribers a very happy, healthy & prosperous year ahead.

As a part of social well-being we would like to make our readers aware of some healthy lifestyle tips related to Food, Bath & Sleep Provided by Vedic literature. This would also help many people who are working from home

So, for this post we would like to go out of professional topics in order to provide our readers a healthy year ahead

Here are the following tips:

  1. Do not eat any food unless the previously eaten food was digested. in case of any indigestion prefer drinking water rather than limca or soda etc.
  2. Sleep is the best medicine for many disorders. Take a deep breath prior to sleep. So, in order to sleep perfectly, one should avoid
    • Consuming caffeine related items such as coke, coffee etc 4 to 5 hours prior to sleep
    • Exposure towards LED screen (TV, laptop, mobile etc)
  1. One thing to be kept in mind is that “Doctors cannot increase your lifespan if you don’t take care of yourself
  2. Worries increase diseases. Worrying accelerates ageing. So in order to be young, dynamic and healthy, we should avoid much worrying and mental tensions.
  3. Chew Like a Goat”. We should chew the food we eat atleast 20 to 30 times. If we do so we can easily avoid indigestion problems because half of the food will be digested at the time of chewing itself due to the enzymes present in saliva.
  4. The food we eat should always be fresh. Eating stored food makes our mind dull.
  5. Also we should try to include all the six tastes (Sweet, Bitter, Sour, Salt, Spicy, Astringent) in our everyday food.
  6. Our stomach should always be filled with 50% of solid food, 25% of liquid food and the remaining 25% should be kept empty (air).
  7. Eating at the right time every day Without finding any excuses is also a healthy choice.
  8. Bathing gives us Peace of Mind. so it is recommended to have a good bath after returning from a hectic work or a burdensome travel.
  9. We should avoid bathing after taking any food as it affects digestion by cooling the digestion process.


Following all the tips mentioned above is a bit difficult for working people.

Most of the people nowadays are working from home due to COVID-19 restrictions. So, it would be easier to follow most of the tips mentioned above.

Even if we follow 50% of the above tips we can lead our life with less amount of medicines.

That’s for now! Meet you later. Keep Smiling 😊