Bank Opening Time: Bank opening time has changed from today, customers will benefit, know how

Bank Opening Time: From today, banks will open from 9 am. In such a situation, customers will get one hour extra time to avail banking facilities in the bank.

Bank Opening Time: A big news has come out for crores of bank customers across the country including Mumbai. There has been a big change in the opening hours of banks across the country including Mumbai from Monday i.e. today. This will be of great convenience to the customers. From Monday, the opening hours of the bank have become 9 am. This will give an additional hour to the customers to get their work done. However, there has been no change in the closing times of banks. That is, the banks will be closed from the earlier time.

Actually, due to the corona virus epidemic, the opening hours of banks were reduced in the day. Which has now been normalized again. This new facility has come into effect from 18th April 2022 i.e. from today. RBI has made a new announcement related to ATM for the customers of the bank. You will be happy knowing that.According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the opening hours of banks have been changed from Monday (April 18). Now banks will open at 9 am, while there is no change in the closing time of banks. This means that now customers will get one hour extra time than before. Through which customers can avail banking services. There are seven government banks in the country including State Bank of India, apart from these there are more than 20 private banks in the country. to whom this rule shall apply.

Despite the recommendation of the Administrative Reforms Commission, the MP Area Development Fund is not being closed

Transaction facility from cardless ATM soon

Now preparations are going on in the banks to provide the facility of transaction from Ge cardless ATM soon. With this, customers will be able to withdraw money from banks and their ATMs through UPI. RBI is going to do this to increase cardless i.e. cardless transactions. To do this, the facility of withdrawing money from all banks and their ATMs will be provided through UPI.

There will be a reduction in fraud related to ATM

RBI believes that, this will reduce the fraud related to ATM. Cardless transactions will make transactions easier and cardless transactions will also help in preventing many other frauds including card cloning, card theft.