New Update On LIC IPO You Must Know

Big news has come out about the IPO of the country’s largest insurance company LIC. Recent, widely discussed reports suggested that the biggest IPO of all time could be postponed amid the turmoil in the markets due to the Russo-Ukraine war. Now according to a report, DRHP has been submitted afresh with SEBI regarding IPO on behalf of Life Insurance Corporation of India.

The government does not want to take the risk,

the report quoted sources as saying that LIC has submitted afresh DRHP on the basis of the December quarter results. It is worth noting that regarding its launch, it was said by the government in the past that the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has affected the global markets as well as the Indian market. Due to this, huge fluctuations are being seen in the stock market. The Finance Minister himself had said that the government does not want to take any kind of risk in this matter.

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