Simplex Papers Limited is an India based company. It is engaged in wholesale business of paper in bulk. The company also does paper products. The company’s different types of paper include writing paper, bond paper, copier paper, laser paper, news print paper and printing paper.

simplex papers

We are talking about the share of Simplex Papers. The stock of this company has given 6675 percent return in the last one year. 6675 per cent return means that investors’ money has become 66.75 times. If someone had bought just 10 thousand shares of Simplex Papers a year ago, their value would have become Rs 6.67 lakh as on date. This share was at a price of Re 1 1 year ago, which is today at Rs 67.75.

how much profit in 6 months

The returns of Simplex Papers in the last 6 months have also been very strong. This stock has given 1436.28 percent return in the last 6 months. That is, investors’ money has been made more than 14 times. 10 thousand of investors have exceeded Rs 1.43 lakh in 6 months. However, its return for the last one month has been negative 2.73 percent. The stock has continued to decline since December 28.

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