On the 20th of September 2023, a significant milestone was achieved by GR Infra Projects Limited’s wholly-owned subsidiary, “GR Yamuna Bridge Highway Pvt. Ltd.,” as they successfully executed the concession agreement with the Ministry of Road Transportation and Highways. This monumental agreement paves the way for the realization of a transformative infrastructure endeavor.

Project Details:

The undertaking at hand involves the construction of a state-of-the-art 4-lane highway stretching from Baranpur Kadipur Ichauli to Rampuriya Awwal, an essential development set to enhance connectivity and accessibility in Uttar Pradesh.

The ambitious project comes with a budgetary allocation of Rs. 737.17 Crores.

Operational Framework:

The chosen mode for this project is the Hybrid Annuity Mode (HAM), a financing mechanism that combines the best of both worlds, fostering public-private partnerships for efficient project execution and management.

The dedicated project team has committed to delivering this substantial endeavor within a stringent timeline of 730 days from the appointed date.

Long-term Commitment:

The operation period of this project spans a commendable 15 years, reflecting a commitment to the sustained maintenance and management of the newly constructed highway, ensuring its longevity and functionality for years to come.

Market Update:

In the financial sphere, it’s worth noting that the stock of GR Infra Projects experienced a modest decline on Wednesday. The stock, trading on the National Stock Exchange (NSE), concluded the day at Rs. 1245, marking a decrease of 1.10%.