Cryptocurrency News Today : Crypto Market Red Again, But XRP Rise

Today, Friday April 15th, the cryptocurrency market is down 2.01% as of 9:45 am. The Global Cryptocurrency Market Cap has once again come down to $1.88 trillion. Both the major currencies bitcoin and ethereum are down. Although the price of bitcoin currently remains above 40 thousand dollars. XRP and Dogecoin have seen an uptrend during the last 24 hours.

According to data from Coinmarketcap, at the time of writing the news on Friday, Bitcoin (Bitcoin Price Today) is trading down by 2.90% at $40,195.32. Ethereum Price Today is down 2.51% to $3,042.49 in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin has a market dominance of 40.7% at the time of writing, while Ethereum has a market dominance of 19.5%.

How much change in which coins
-XRP – Price: $0.7883, Change (in 24 hours):  +6.59%
-Dogecoin (DOGE) – Price: $0.1437, Change (in 24 hours):  +1.57%
-Terra Luna (Terra – LUNA) – Price: $82.47, Changes (in 24 hours):  -6.80%
-Solana (Solana – SOL) – Price: $102.29, Change (in 24 hours):  -3.83%
– Avalanche – Price: $78.42, Changes (in 24 hours):  -3.79%
-Cardano (Cardano – ADA) – Price: $0.9525, Changes (in 24 hours):  -2.49%
-Shiba Inu – Price: $0.00002224, Changes (in 24 hours):  -1.90%
-BNB – Price: $418.04, Change (in 24 hours):  -1.10%

Highest Jumping Coins
Mercenary (MGOLD), CyborgShiba (CBS) and MetaPay were among the top jumpers in the last 24 hours. Mercenary (MGOLD) has gained 925.97% within the last 24 hours. CyborgShiba (CBS) is the second largest growing currency. There has been an increase of 665.36% in this. MetaPay is at number three, which has seen an increase of 252.49%.

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