Cryptocurrency: Fall in bitcoin-ether, solana and litecoin created a buzz, how was the condition of the market today?

Trading in the cryptocurrency market was sluggish on Sunday morning. When the price of the largest holding currency bitcoin (Bitcoin) showed a fall, then the less favorite solana and litecoin registered a sharp increase in the market.

The market value of the global cryptocurrency declined 0.69 per cent to $1.87 trillion in morning trade. According to data from CoinMarketCap, the total share of bitcoin in the market at present is 40.81 percent, which is down 0.07 percent from the day before.

On Sunday morning, bitcoin was trading at a price of $ 40,350, down 0.4 percent. This currency, the most popular, has seen a huge decline of 13 percent only in 2022. Despite this, the share of bitcoin in trading in the last 24 hours has been 38.8% and that of ethereum is 18.5 percent.

Indian investors are getting disillusioned
About 1.5 crore investors trade in cryptocurrencies daily in India. CoinGecko has released data and said that since last year’s peak, its trading in the country has declined by 88-96 percent. That is, after the strictness of the government, people are getting disillusioned with cryptocurrency.

How about other currency
In early trading on Sunday, Ethereum fell 0.2 percent to $3,041.27. Ether had gained 2 percent last week and its price reached $ 3 thousand. However, in 2022 this currency has suffered a loss of 18 percent. In today’s trade, Solana rose 0.4 percent to $ 101.84 and Litecoin rose 1.9 percent to reach $ 114.26.

Apart from this, everyone’s favorite Shiba has seen a decline of 1.4 percent. At the same time, there is a big loss of 2.4 percent in Dogecoin. This currency is trading at a price of $ 0.14.

Payment problem on Indian exchange
Indian investors were faced with a lot of trouble regarding payments at the time of trading in the cryptocurrency this morning. Investors on the country’s well-known exchange CoinSwitch Kuber and WazirX found problems in payments through UPI and banking. Its investors have once again raised the demand to clarify the conditions regarding regulation.