Coal India Ltd (CIL), a prominent public sector entity, has allocated a substantial investment of Rs 24,750 crore for the implementation of 61 First Mile Connectivity (FMC) projects, designed to enhance the eco-friendly transportation of coal. Upon completion, this three-phase investment initiative will collectively boast a capacity of 763.5 million tonnes per annum (MTPA), as confirmed by the company.

The FMC projects entail the mechanized conveyance of coal through piped systems, efficiently transporting it from the production source to coal handling plants and silos equipped with rapid loading systems, ensuring the direct loading of coal into rail wagons.

Within the first phase, CIL has identified 35 FMC projects with a cumulative capacity of 414.5 MTPA, requiring an investment of Rs. 10,750 crores.

The second and third phase projects encompass nine and seventeen initiatives, respectively. Their sequential investments amounting to approximately Rs 2,500 crore and Rs 11,500 crore, respectively.

Upon full implementation by the fiscal year 2029, the total eco-friendly coal evacuation capacity is projected to reach 914.5 MTPA, encompassing the earlier capacity of 151 MTPA.

The FMC projects offer an array of benefits, including the suppression of dust pollution and carbon emissions, as well as the reduction of the burden on road transportation, thereby enhancing safety. These initiatives also ensure precise quantities and qualities of coal are loaded for consumers, with minimal manual intervention required.