Big Update on Demonetisation

Central government’s decision on demonetisation is correct, Supreme Court approves

SC upholds govt’s decision of 2016 to demonetise currency notes of Rs 500 & Rs 1000 denominations

5-judge Constitution bench of SC rejects challenge by 58 petitions to Centre’s 2016 decision to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes

Supreme Court upholds the 2016 decision of the Centre to demonetise currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denominations

Justice B R Gavai says Centre’s decision-making process cannot be flawed as there was consultation between RBI and govt

The Supreme Court said that there was a consultation between the Center and the RBI before demonetisation. The Supreme Court has accepted that there was no deficiency in the process adopted while taking the decision of demonetisation. Therefore, there is no need to cancel that notification.

3 thoughts on “Big Update on Demonetisation”

  1. 6 precious years passed after demonitisation. Lot of water passed under the bridge. Can anybody bring back the water?
    Rs 2000 note almost disappeared from the circulation which was introduced after demonitisation. Has any body summarised the benefits accured to the country due to demonitisation. In the initial stages of demonitisation , huge chunks of black money in rural areas was exchanged in cooperative banks. Has any action was initiated against the illegal holders of black money? If so, any information is available. Lots of arguments by top level legal luminaries took place in S C pro and against demonitisation, wasting lot of precious time of S C

  2. Nanda Kumar M Madathil

    Very good decision by SC …. First of all demonetization decision is an administrative decision considering many aspects including black money, terror funding and corruption … Govt wont be able to discuss in public all the benefits and the reasons for the hard decisions … May be Chidambaram can explain how he used black money for him and his family including his POOR SON LOL …. One thing sure it pinched many including politicians that is why they cried … The dissenting judge surely has her view , but ultimately it is majority decision .. But our media wants news and they highlight the dissenting judge’s decision despite the fact she also never questioned the objectives of the decision and her worry was on legality of procedures followed by the Govt at that time

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