Key Highlights of Uttar Pradesh’s Population Control Bill 2021 (Draft)

On the occasion of World Population Day 2021, Uttar Pradesh CM, Yogi Adityanath, inaugurated the state’s population policy 2021-30. He further stated that rising population is the root cause of major problems including inequality. He unveiled the state’s new population policy, which aims to incentivize people to help in population control. The unveiling coincided with the World Population Day, which is celebrated on July 11 every year.

Name of the Bill:

The Uttar Pradesh Population (Control, Stabilization and Welfare) Bill, 2021 and shall come into force after one year from the date of publication in the Gazette.


The provision of this Act shall apply to a married couple where the boy is not less than 21 years of age and the girl is not less than 18 years of age.

Key Highlights:

1.) Uttar Pradesh’s state law commission has invited comments from the public on the draft by July 19, 2021.

2.) State’s health minister (UP) said with the new policy, the aim is to reduce population growth rate to 2.1%.

3.) A State Population Fund will be constituted for the purpose of implementation of the act.

4.) Incentive to the Public Servants:

  • Public servants who adopt the two-child norm will get two additional increments during the entire service, maternity or as the case may be, paternity leave of 12 months, with full salary and allowances and 3% increase in the employer’s contribution fund under national pension scheme.
  • soft loan for construction or purchasing a house on nominal rates of interest, as may be prescribed;
  • rebate on charges for utilities such as water, electricity, water, house tax, as may be prescribed;
  • subsidy towards purchase of plot or house site or built house from Housing Board or Development Authority, as may be prescribed
  • free health care facility and insurance coverage to spouse etc.
  • Under this policy who are not an government servant but follow the policy will get rebate on electricity bills, home loans, tax on houses etc.

5.) Revocation of Benefits & Disincentives

Consequences in case of violation of draft population control Bill

  • Debarring from benefit of Government sponsored welfare schemes
  • Limit of ration card Units upto Four
  • Bar on contesting election to Local Body etc.
  • Bar on applying to government jobs
  • Bar on Promotion in government services
  • Bar on receiving any kind of government subsidy.

Few More key provisions:

1.) If a couple have a baby on 1.1.2021 and gave birth to their second child by 1.1.2023 then the couple is not under the contravention (violation) under this law.

2.) If any couple have a baby on 1.1.2021 and gives birth to two more babies in second pregnancy then also they are not under any contravention.

3.) If any couple have two babies from first pregnancy on 1.1.2021 and gave birth to two more babies out of from second pregnancy on 1.1.2023 then the couple is under contravention. This clearly means you will violate this policy of UP government.

4.) If any couple has no baby from their marriage and they adopted two children then the couple in not under any contravention.

5.) If couple had no children from their marriage but adopted more than two children then they are under contravention.

6.) If couple had two children out of from their marriage and adopted one child then they are not in under any contravention.

7.) If couple had two children and adopted two or more children then also they are under contravention of 2 child policy in UP.

Draft bill is available: Click Here

Note: The suggestions may PLEASE either be sent through e-mail –  or post latest by 19th July 2021.

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