You will not be able to file income tax return after December 31, 2022

December 31 is a very special day because it is the last day of the year and the arrival of the new year is also on this day, but this day has also become special for the income tax payers because the work done for the last few years is at the end of the financial year. The date of some of them which were to be held till 31st March has been taken backwards to 31st December. Let us see what is the importance of 31st December for income tax payers and what works they should do on 31st December.

Should be done before If you have not yet filed the income tax return of March 31, 2022, then you should keep in mind that December 31, 2022 is its last date and after that you will not be able to fill this return. If you have filled the return but there is a mistake in it and you want to revise this return, then also keep in mind that

This return will not be rescued after December 31, 2022. Therefore, now 31 December, 2022 has become an important date for income tax donors. Look at the last date of filling income tax returns, it is 31st July in the case of audit and what tax donors get audit under various provisions of income tax law. Their last date is October 31, sometimes it is also increased due to various reasons.

Even after these dates passed, you can fill your income tax return but for this you have to pay late fees. If your total income is less than 5 lakh rupees, this amount of late fees is a thousand rupees and the total income is more than Rs. 5 lakhs, the amount of late fees is Rs 5 thousand. If your income is up to Rs 2.50 lakhs, then there is no late fees to pay.

This return is called a late filed return. But keep in mind that for the financial year ending March 31, 2022, a date has also been fixed for this belated return and that is December 31, 2022. If you have not filed the return yet, then file it before 31 December 22 and after that you will not be able to file this year’s return.

If you find any error or mistake in the return you have filed once for the financial year ending March 31, 2022, you can fill it again and the last date for this correction is also December 31, 2022 and on this date After that you will not be able to revise your return. By the way, you have to fill your return only on the prescribed dates, but even if you have not filled it for any reason, there is still a chance for you and you must do this work by December 31, 2022.

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