ITR Filing Update: A big update came on the extension of the last date to file income tax return

Income Tax Return AY 2022-23: If you have not yet filed Income Tax Return, then fill it immediately. The last date for filing income tax return is July 31. The government has clearly refused to extend its last date, that is, now you have to file income tax before July 31 in any case. In fact, the Revenue Secretary has said that the government has no idea at present to extend the date for filing ITR beyond July 31. Let us tell you that the filing of Income Tax Return for the financial year 2021-22 and assessment year 2022-23 has started from June 15, 2022.

Actually, like the last two years, this time too the last date for tax filing was expected to be extended, but now the government has made its stand clear. If you have received Form-16 from your office, then fill it without delay. If you do not fill it before the deadline, then you may have to pay a penalty. Apart from this, the load increases when more taxpayers file returns on Income Tax E-filing website. In such a situation, if you also want to avoid the problems in income tax filing, then do not wait for the last moment.

File your return before 31st July

It is noteworthy that the last date for filing income tax returns for the financial year 2021-22 and assessment year 2022-23 without any late fee is July 31, 2022. If you file income tax return after the deadline, then you will have to pay interest on tax along with penalty under section 234A and under section 234F of income tax.

Detailed deadline for filing ITR

Apart from this, let us tell you that the last date for filing income tax return for personal HUF is July 31, 2022. At the same time, the last date for filing income tax returns for those who require audit is October 31, 2022. And for those who have business and in which TP report is required, the last date for filing income tax return is November 30, 2022. That is, the department has introduced a deadline for all types of income tax payers, if you do not pay tax before the deadline, then you will have to pay a penalty.

15 thoughts on “ITR Filing Update: A big update came on the extension of the last date to file income tax return”

  1. Finance ministry has decided to kill the tax payers enmass without taking into the real problems faced by the assesses.

  2. Last date extension is required as last year will help tax payers due to website issue or any other issue occurs.

    1. Prasanna Krishnamurthy

      Huh really may be u don’t pay taxes and don’t know how to file tax and the difficulties..

  3. Extending the last date for filing is no concession since the department has introduced a new animal AIS with compliance requirements and it has data entry errors.

  4. Prasanna Krishnamurthy

    ridiculous..there is always a problem with IT website and server issues and how do you expect to file the form 16 on time

  5. R Sundaresan Aiyar

    People were expecting extension till government announced very categorically that there will be no extension. Since then work load and pressure increased on consultants. Also gst and tds deadline are there in July. It is very difficult to complete the return filling by 31.7.22. Government should consider our request to extend atleast for 15 days

  6. File IT return considering new introduce AIS compliance information, it requires to collect related documents & calculations, it became very time consuming , therefore at least 15 days time extention is required for filling return.

  7. What is this typical colonial mindset of Babucrazy? Nowadays, Government is anyway getting income tax through TDS provisions and the AIS is proof of that. There remains only the clerical work of reporti g the Income in the required format. They have stopped physical filing and only online filing is permitted. But if there is software glitch what do you expect the Taxpayer to do. And stop call8ng the Taxpayers as lazy. It is because of Tax Payers hard earned money that the Government Babus are being paid their salaries.

  8. This is called legal Extortion of Tax payers.
    Squeeze tax payers to full extent till they die

  9. During July itself I had failed to download IT return from e-file portal as I had received msg woking was in progress. At least 15 days time should be given to file IT return on line after compiling 26A and Income Form AIS. So please extend 15 days time considering the fact that frequent server related problem persisted till middle of July, 2022.

  10. 1) Many errors are there in AIS
    2) Many a times there are problems with the website.
    3) Many a times the website was under maintenance.

    4) Govt. Should consider all the hurdles of the taxpayers and take immediate action for improvement in website and sort out.

  11. It would be a wise decision of Central Govt to extend due date at least 31 st August 2022 to boost up and encourage the morale of tax payers, It is the responsibility of Central Govt to bring the taxpayers in the field of tax arena, considering the percentage of tax payers interms of total population, so Central Govt is duty bound to bring the tax payers at tax office, by fuelling them, with some incentives like extending time for filing return till 31st August 2022, It is henceforth humbly requested to listen the problems of tax payers and extend time as sought for

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