IncomeTaxIndia’s e-filing portal has made tax filing super convenient for citizens ! Income Tax Department

The IncomeTaxIndia’s e-filing portal has made tax filing super convenient for citizens! The portal aims at providing single window access to income tax-related services for taxpayers & other stakeholders.

More than 29.8 lakh major Tax Audit Reports (TARs) have been filed on the e-Filing portal of the Income Tax Department as on 15th February, 2022. On the last day, over 4.14 lakh major Tax Audit Reports/forms have been filed.

Out of 29.8 lakh of the major statutory forms, over 2.65 lakh Form 3CA-3CD and around 24.5 lakh Form 3CB-3CD have been filed in FY 21-22. More than 2.71 lakh other Tax Audit Reports (Form 10B, 29B, 29C, 3CEB, 10CCB, 10 BB) have been filed till 15.02.2022.

On 15.02.2022, 34,842 Form 3CA-3CD (out of total of 2,65,153), 3,36,842 Form 3CB-3CD (out of total of 24,48,950), 18,644 Form 10B (out of total of 1,50,950), 11,852 Form 29B (out of total of 74,923), 478 Form 29C (out of total of 2,820), 10,542 Form 3CEB (out of total of 33,345), 873 of Form 10CCB (out of total of 4,904) and 570 of Form 10BB (out of total of 3851) have been filed. On the last date i.e. the extended due date of 15.02.2022, 14% of these statutory forms and in the last 5 days from 11.02.2022 to 15.02.2022, 30% of these statutory forms were filed.

Further, more than 5.41 crore Income Tax Returns (ITRs) filed have been verified out of 6.26 crore ITRs filed for AY 2021-22. Of the verified ITRs, more than 4.50 crore ITRs have been processed and 1.58 crore refunds for AY 2021-22 have been issued.

The Department expresses gratitude to all tax professionals and taxpayers for the support in compliances and requests the attention of taxpayers who are yet to accept the Tax Audit Report submitted by their CA to complete the process of submission.

5 thoughts on “IncomeTaxIndia’s e-filing portal has made tax filing super convenient for citizens ! Income Tax Department”

  1. Shailaja Moreshwar Sabnis

    What is the income tax department doing about the old grievances?

    Grievance raised in September, 2021 through National Faceless Assessment Centre, Delhi of the Income tax department, is showing status as ‘SUBMITTED’ even after almost 5 months.

  2. Portal never responded even after submitting six times grievances. Most hopeless software as compared to last one. I give 2 out of 10 numbers on performance wise.Chhabil Dass ADZPA4939L

  3. ITRV FILED ON : 15.02.2022 received ACK NO. BUT NOT SHOWING IN PORTAL. RETURN INVISIBLE IN PORTAL. Grievance submitted no reply

  4. Notice under section 154is sent by the old/inactive email Id even though the active email ID is updated and acknowledged causing inconvenience.Kindly sent the correspondence in the correct email id

  5. They are not addressing old grievances. New site still has bugs and it is not user friendly. It is self appreciation by IT that gives some vague data to show everything is good with the website.

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