Income Tax Portal has been further strengthened, 1.9 crore returns that have been filed using the new system: Infosys CEO

Infosys CEO said in a statement that over the past month, the Income Tax portal has been further bolstered. He further added that the system has seen steady increase in usage over the last few weeks.

“Till yesterday, over 1.9 crore returns have been filed using the new system. Now, income tax return forms one to seven are functional. Most of the statutory or many other statutory forms are available on the system.”

In the last one month, the income tax portal has been further strengthened, he said and added that the use of this system has seen a steady increase in the last few weeks.

“The portal has seen over 18 crore logins and around 3.8 crore unique users have successfully completed various transactions. The system is filing somewhere between two to three lakh returns every day,” Parekh said.

    9 thoughts on “Income Tax Portal has been further strengthened, 1.9 crore returns that have been filed using the new system: Infosys CEO”

    1. Once you download ITR-V or download receipt after everifying the IT Return you wont be able to download it again the latter download will be the unsigned one which you need to send it to cpc banglore…kindly resolve the glitch.

    2. After more than 4 months since its launch on 7 June, one would expect the guy to declare that all the glitches have been sorted out and the portal is fully functional. Instead, he is still using the term “mostly”. It is similar to a gynecologist telling the patient that she is 80 percent pregnant!


      Revised Returns are still not possible to file on portal.
      Portal show E verification pending even after successful e verification.

    4. 26as data is not matching with the prefilled inspite of raising several complaints and grievance s and the customer care is still advising to wait more though a long time has already been passed.

    5. Thulaseedharan K

      Income tax is a colonial ghost imposed upon cityzens to destroy their ability and willingness to work, save and invest. It should be scrapped at the earliest. Instead, go for wealth tax and strengthen GST.

    6. Basic faults still exist. 2 examples:

      In the ITR individual’s basic profile, one cannot select the country!

      I registered as a TAN holder successfully but confirmation email and SMS still not received after 7 days!! At Login, system says “Account not activated” etc. Funny!

    7. Balakrishna Pillai

      I am unable to verify return using directed option using DSC. complained to web manager and grievance registered on 5 Oct.No reply yet!

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