Income Tax Notice issued on transactions worth crores from the account

A case of raid by the team of Income Tax Department has come to light at the house of a laborer located at Karghar block headquarters of the district. While the local people are shocked about this strange case, the laborer’s family is also in a panic.

Notice issued on transactions worth crores from the account

Two days back, the officials of the Income Tax Department have handed over a notice to the laborer to deposit tax of crores of rupees, citing transactions worth crores of rupees from his account. Seeing the notice, Manoj, who came home from Bakheti for about six months, told that he maintains his family by working as a laborer in private companies of many provinces. During this, he worked in companies in Punjab, Haryana and Delhi, earning Rs 10 to 12 thousand per month to support his family.

The victim laborer expressed the fear of fraud

Manoj has expressed apprehension that he had submitted Aadhaar card and PAN card to open a bank account at the place where he lived. With these documents, someone has done transactions by opening a fake account. Manoj has urged the Income Tax Department to investigate it.

Income tax officers were also surprised to see the condition of the house.

According to the villagers, when the Income Tax Department team served a notice at Manoj’s house two days back, the people including his family were shocked. Different types of discussions have started happening in the village. After seeing the financial condition of the house, even the officials of the Income Tax Department did not believe that this laborer could make such a huge turnover.

On talking to the officials of the Income Tax Department in this regard, on the issue of not disclosing the name, they said that this is a system generated notice. On the above instructions the local authorities have given notice. They don’t have any specific knowledge about it.

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  1. Wow, this is a very nice article it contains everything that I was looking forward to…I really liked the way you composed the article and it is really well-detailed. It’s nice so keep up the good work I look forward to checking out the whole of your website.

    1. There are experts working in the Income Tax Department with artificial intelligence. These genius won’t care to refer or cross check the IT Payers to rectify the issues raised. Sending notices to a Labourers of a huge sum is only shows how intelligent and intellectual they are. Jai Bharath and Jai Hind.

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