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1 thought on “Income Tax Department Issues FORMAT FOR SHARING QUERIES ON HELPDESK E-MAIL ID”


    Respected Sir/ Ma’am

    This is to ask for your kind help on my case by going through the two versions of applications given to ITD from myself for belated ITR regularisation on 1.”PENDING” statutes 2.” DELAYED INFORMATION OF FORM 16 BY EMPLOYER WHICH” but my application is being rejected again and again. So, do try to help me out as I am an old man.
    Please find attached all documents for reference.
    Yours sincerely,

    VERSION 1:
    Respectably addressed to subject related mentions:
    A. Assessing Officer- Please refer to circular
    CIRCULAR 9/2015 [F.NO.312/22/2015-OT], DATED 9-6-2015 again on my request
    A. i. I very humbly but painfully request you to let me file file my ITR for AY 2013-14 in the context of para- 8 of CIRCULAR 9/2015 [F.NO.312/22/2015-OT], DATED 9-6-2015 and invoke the mentioned 119(2xb) for my return assessment and increase my deadline to file ITR till AY 2022-23 according para-3 of CIRCULAR 9/2015 [F.NO.312/22/2015-OT], DATED 9-6-2015 due to my crucial situation during the AY 2013- 14
    a. Pre- termination of service- Though I collected all exemption related documents till that date to file ITR on salary but found no conclusion as I was completely layoff on 7 December 2012 disabling me to submit income- expense declaration and further not availing Format- 16 or similar layout to help file ITR which was the only method I knew untill then so,
    b. Post termination of service- I myself decided to contact my ITO to help me file ITR through other method so, it didn’t yield but on previous information(last 4 years) and recent verification(last month) on my TRACES TDS-CPC official website linked account access I decided to file my ITR as to become an active and responsible taxpayer and now got confidence to go ahead and file my ITR with Form 10E in ongoing AY on my computation and Form 26AS registered information.
    B. JAO- Please re try to understand my situation
    C. NODAL APPELLATE AUTHORITY IN CBODT THROUGH CPGRAMS- Please use your authority to let me avail my computed refund and take my situation into consideration to enable me to also gain annual financial interest on Refund amount value above the mentioned condition of interest in para- 6 of CIRCULAR 9/2015 [F.NO.312/22/2015-OT], DATED 9-6-2015 as an authority of your capacity has much more knowledge of my actual financial loss due to this till now.
    Please go through attachments to understand background of this mail and take this communication healthily and enlighten me further on this topic.
    Always wishing the best future of our Income Tax Department.
    Yours sincerely,

    VERSION 2:
    Respected Sir/Ma’am

    This is to very humbly inform you that my first application for ITR condonation AY 2013–14 was submitted in postal channel marked to PCIT Allahabad office on 13 July 2021 and latest application for the same was submitted on 15 December 2021 marked to PCIT Allahabad Abha Kala Chanda and have requested to consider my ITR Form 1 alongwith Form 10E for AY 2014-15 as I was subject to advance income booked u/s 192 on date 20 January 2013 according to TDS-CPC Form 26AS and 7 January 2013 according to Form No.16(CERTIFICATE NUMBER FOLRNCG) which is generated on 29 May 2013 and digitally signed by my employer and senior Mr. Raghavendra Singh (PAN AAACV2808C), Dy. GM, Tata Communications Limited(TAN MUMV07840A) on authority of ”The Commissioner of Income Tax(TDS), Room No. 900A, 9th Floor, K.G. Mittal Ayurvedic Hospital Building, Charni Road, Mumbai- 400002” 31 May 2013 and conveyed to me lately over e- mail by HR team in unofficial format of INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT in September 2013 but posted to me in effect of INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT Form No.16 in JANUARY 2014 also note that refund for AY 2012-13 sent by cheque medium to my address was returned undelivered as on date of 17 January 2014 which was unblocked in August 2020.
    Thus, I am trying to bring out to you that I have availed the Form No. 16 in successive assessment year of advance income booking of my income book. So, Please try to assess this income in AY 2014-15 and understand my helplessness caused due to the time elapse in due course of my service termination which this amount is a compensation of and my only request is to please see to the financial loss which it has caused by subjecting tax deduction of 30% in AY 2013-14 brought out completely on books on 31 May 2013 and my knowledge in January 2014 which I urge you to understand to fix and understand for assessment in AY 2014-15 and condone it in the 6 years time line from then in present on looking at my helpless condition.
    I expect you to go through my postal request and enclosures after going through this brief e- mail ITR AY 2014-15.pdf which is documented to be of AY 2013-14 due to relevant documentations but effective along with Form. 16 in AY 2014-15 along with all relevant documents.

    Yours sincerely,
    (PAN ID AEGPM4867F- Jurisdiction
    Building Name
    (Mob. 8826902991)
    (R/o 19/5 KB Gandhi Marg Prayagraj UP- 211002)

    Please help me get my service termination compensation refund from ITD.

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