Income Tax Alert! Fill this form related to income tax soon, no chance will be available after July 31

In a big relief to the taxpayer, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has extended the deadline for filing income tax returns for the financial year 2020-21 and assessment year 2021-22. Now a person can file his income tax return till 30 September.

  • Companies have to issue Form 16 to their employees before July 31. It is the duty of the employee to get it by July 31.
  • Complete all the work related to Income Tax Form No. 64C before July 31. It contains complete information about investment funds. The statement of whether funds were deposited or credited in the account of the holder during 2020-21 will be recorded in Form 64C. According to the central government, this work should be completed by 31 July 2021.
  • In Form 15CC, the authorized dealer has to fill the statement of the quarter. Whatever earnings he has earned till 30 June 2021, it is necessary to give information about it by 31 July 2021. won’t get a chance later
  • Full details of Equalization Levy Statement have to be given in Form 1. This work also has to be done by 31st July.
  • Under section 9A of Income Tax, the information of annual statement has to be given in sub-section (5). Those who give information about the fund’s investment in Form No. 3CEK, will have to fill this form for 2020-21. This work also has to be done by 31st July.
  • Option to withdraw pending application (filed before the erstwhile Income Tax Settlement Commission) under sub-section (1) of section 245M of Income Tax in Form No. 34BB, can be exercised on or before 31st July, 2021


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