All TDS/ TCS returns filed at New IncomeTax E-filing Portal before 3rd July, 2021 have been rejected due to incorrect version (5.1) mentioned at ITD website.

ITD has now corrected the version to 7.1.

Kindly efile your TDS/ TCS returns again. Ignore this if efiled your TDS/ TCS returns at NSDL-TIN FC.

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2 replies on “Important Update on TDS/ TCS Returns Filed through New Income Tax E-filing Portal”

  1. Sir my TDS return was filed on 27th June 2021 which got rejected due to incorrect version 5.1 on 3rd July 2021. and when corrected on 6th July 2021 get a notice of ₹5499 under S.No.3(b) Interest on late payment.
    In this case what should I do?

    1. You have to contact e-filing help-desk. They will provide you suitable solution as this is due to a technical error.

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