Suddenly a transaction of Rs 4.30 crore took place in the account of Chandrabhan, a resident of Ganeshpur ward of Farenda Nagar Panchayat. He had no knowledge about this. When the notice from the Income Tax Department came, he was stunned.

Chandrabhan earns his living by working as a labourer. He told that Aadhar and PAN card were given to a person for a pension of Rs 1000 every month. He was the one who opened the account. When the Income Tax Department sent a notice and asked for an answer to the transaction, Chandrabhan started sweating. He complained about this to the Chief Minister. After this a case was registered against the fraudster.

Chandrabhan told that transactions worth Rs 4 crore 30 lakh 15 thousand have taken place in the account, the Income Tax Department is asking for the details of the same. Notices have been received for this several times.

Police station incharge Farenda Ajit Pratap Singh said that on the basis of the complaint, a case has been registered against Aadarsh of the locality under the section of fraud. The matter is being investigated.