Filing Income Tax Return: How to correct errors in Form 26AS

ITR within the due date will help a taxpayer save late fees of up to Rs 5,000 as ITR filing beyond July 31, 2002 will attract a penalty. They, however, cautioned the taxpayers to ensure correct information in Form 26AS before filing the ITR.

Tax experts said that one should not wait for the last date of ITR filing and check Form 26AS much before the due date and if there is any incorrect information there, get it corrected on time and then file the return.

On how to correct the error in Form 26AS, Aarti Raote, Partner at Deloitte India said, “Form 26AS has details of income streams like salary, fixed deposit interest, capital gains etc. and taxes withheld thereon. Thus, the details in 26AS is done by pulling out the details from tax withholding returns filed by various payers. Incase of any inadvertent erroneous reporting by any payer, the 26AS would reflect incorrect details. The taxpayer should always check this information provided in the 26AS and incase of incorrect reporting make a request to that payer to correct this data with appropriate supporting documents. This could be either the employer in case of salary income or the banks for FD interest or any other payer. The payers would verify these details and file a rectified tax withholding return.”

Speaking on the most common error that may occur in your Form 26AS, Sujit Bangar, Founder at said, “Form 26AS details are updated on quarterly basis. and you can claim only those credits which are reflected in Form 26AS while filing ITR. As a taxpayer, one should regularly check 26AS statements. There are various cases found for mismatch of data available in Form 26AS. Most common error is of not having credit available in form 26 AS. First thing to do is to reach out to your deductor and request for an update in TDS statement filed and if not filed yet, request to file TDS statement at the earliest.”

Sometimes you have paid taxes like advance tax or self assessment tax, but the same is not reflected in 26AS. This happens due to many reasons like wrongly entered PAN or AY. Sometimes there is failure on part of the bank to upload digitised information to TIN. To correct this error, you can write to the assessing officer with a request to change in challan. You can use the Challan status enquiry facility provided at TIN website to verify whether challan bearing the CIN is uploaded to TIN.

“It has been seen in a few cases, entries not pertaining to your taxes are reflected in 26 AS. In such cases, you should immediately intimate your deductor to check if there is any mistake in the TDS statement filed by your deductor. You can also write to the assessing officer intimating this fact and seek intervention to correct it,” Sujit Bangar of concluded.

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