Income Tax Return: If you have not filed Income Tax Return for the Financial Year 2020-21 and Assessment Year 2021-22, then there is still two days’ time. You must file Income Tax Returns before 31st March 2022. According to experts, the last date for filing ITR for 2021-22 is March 31, 2022. After March 31, 2022, Income Tax Return for 2021-22 will not be filed. At the same time, according to the new provisions of the Finance Bill 2022, an additional amount of 25 percent will have to be paid for updating the tax return.

Obviously, the month of March is about to end, from April 1 the new financial year is starting. In such a situation, today we are updating you with many information related to IT returns. If you have not received your income tax return even after deducting the tax, then you do not need to panic. You can easily check the status of your refund. And you can get it back too. Sometimes it is also seen that even if the salary is not taxable, TDS of some people is deducted. Or the tax is deducted more than the income. In such a situation, now you can easily get back your cut salary.

TDS deducted in excess of taxable salary

If you work in a company and more TDS has been deducted from your salary on behalf of the company, then you can get your deducted salary again by filling the Income Tax Return. Actually, in such a situation, the Income Tax Department will check your salary and the total tax deducted on it, and if there is a mismatch, the IT Department will refund your deducted salary.

Fund will be returned even if TDS is deducted on FD

Your salary does not come under the purview of income tax, even after this, if the bank deducts TDS on your deposited FD, then you can get this deducted TDS back. Yes, if this happens then you can get your money back. You can withdraw it in two ways.

How to withdraw deducted TDS

If TDS has been deducted more from your salary, then it can be recovered in two ways. First, you should mention this in your IT return. After which the IT department will take cognizance of it. If you do not do this, then you can do this work in other ways as well. For this you have to fill Form 15G. After that the form has to be submitted in the bank. In such a situation, your deducted TDS will come back to your account.

How to check refund status

You can use the new website of the department to check the status of income tax refund. For this, first of all click on the official website Enter your User ID and Password. In the page that will open, you will see the option of e-filing, select Income Tax Return in it. After this you click on View File Returns. The details of your latest ITR will appear on the screen, after selecting which the status of ITR will be visible.