Big news: CA caught taking bribe for income tax officers

The team of Anti-Corruption Bureau has taken major action in the capital Jaipur. The team has arrested a chartered accountant taking 2 lakh cash. During interrogation, it came to light that the CA was taking this money for the income tax officers. The Chartered Accountant is being questioned about who this officer is. His phone has also been confiscated. When the ACB called some officers and sought information about this, there was a stir in the department, the phones of most of the officers were either switched off or were not reachable. ACB’s special unit has taken this trap action.

ACB got a tip about Chartered Accountant

ACB officials said that Chartered Accountant Puneet Mohnot has been arrested. There was a tip about Puneet that he also does the work of taking bribe for government officials. When this information was verified, it was found that he was demanding bribe for the officers of Income Tax Department. The ACB officers informed their officers about this and the trap was finalized this afternoon. Puneet was arrested this afternoon and brought to the Anti-Corruption Bureau’s headquarters for serious interrogation.

In the inquiry, CA said that he used to bribe for the income tax department opportunities. 5 lakhs were collected from which he had collected 2 lakhs. Puneet was caught by Malviya Nagar. The firm was asked by the ACB to the ACB. ACB arrested Puneet in the afternoon. He will be presented in court yesterday after that he will be questioned about the officers. For whom Punit was demanding bribe.

2 thoughts on “Big news: CA caught taking bribe for income tax officers”


    This case just a small sample on corruption by IT department in India.

  2. CAs have becomes very corrupted.
    In a recent event, CA has taken money for compliances. Did not do any. My money as fees for CA gone. Extra I have to pay another CA for the same job along with huge penalty.

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