Some Twitter handles are claiming that 2 Chartered Accountants are arrested by the Gurugram GST Department for issuing CA certificate for GST refund.

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After the arrest of Chartered Accountants, various CAs from the country have gathered at Gurugram GST Department and protested the arrest.

CAs are tweeting with hashtag JusticeforCA

Some of the tweets are as under:

CA Himanshu Arora tweeted:

Just came back home from today’s protest of Chartered Accountant in Gurgaon.

The collaboration I saw today was really commendable.

Whole nation needs to know the Unity of this family.

Thank you all the senior for supporting this issue so well.

#Justice forCA

CA Abhishek Rajaram tweeted:

CA Akhil Pachori tweeted:

Peaceful march by CAs to protest against CGST Department, Gurgaon

This is the Unity we need to see more often….

Hope this continues