ICAI Doctoral Scholarship Scheme 2022 – An Initiative By The Research Committee

ICAI has launched ICAI Doctoral Scholarship Scheme 2022.

ICAI said that: We are happy to share that the Institute through its Research Committee is announcing the ICAI Doctoral Scholarship Scheme 2022 for the members who wish to pursue Ph.D. The scheme is aimed at encouraging larger number of Chartered Accountants to enroll in the scheme.

The above scheme seeks to provide requisite support by way of monthly scholarship to the eligible candidates with intellectual interest towards the discipline to make scholarly contribution. The candidates under the scheme need to demonstrate their independent research ideas through publications in top-tier academic journals as well as scholarly presentations of their work. Their contributions should incorporate insights about the business practices, public policy, and governance.

To Download the PDF of Announcement Containing All Details, Please Click Here

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  1. Itis a wellgood decision of the financially in poor and other open competition caders further reservation categories not entertained inthis it is a must and should now a days court cases are not allowed on this matter it is only opinion thank you sir

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