Complaint against Commissioner CGST Gurugram for wrongfully restraining & confining and illegal detention of around 60-70 Chartered Accountants

The Members of The Institute of Chartered Accountants from Gurugram, Haryana have submitted a memorandum about Commissioner CST Sector-32 Gurugram for wrongfully restraining and wrongfully confining and illegal detention of around 60-70 Chartered Accountants

Sub – Complaint against Commissioner CGST Sector-32 Gurugram for wrongfully restraining & confining and illegal detention of around 60-70 Chartered Accountants as well as for manhandling by use of criminal force and thereby assaulting by officials of CGST upon the directions of Commissioner CGST.

We the undersigned are engaged in the reputed profession of Chartered Accountant. We are the members of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, which is the apex body of accountants in India, a statutory body established by the act of Parliament.

It is important to bring to your knowledge that the CGST department for quite some time has been acting contrary to law and is performing all illegal and unlawful activities under the garb of the authority and powers assigned to them by the statute. However, the officials of the department have been continuously targeting, humiliating, and harassing the Chartered Accountants who adhere to their professional obligations to the best of their abilities at all point of time to contribute for the development of the nation.

That on 17th of May 2022, two of our colleagues namely CA Sunil Mahalawat and CA Gaurav Dhir were wrongfully detained by the CGST officials. Soon after this incidence came to the knowledge of the CA community, a sense of concern arose. In furtherance of the same, on 18th May 2022, many Chartered Accountants started approaching the CGST Department for gaining knowledge about the said incidence. On the 19th of May 2022 again since morning, Chartered Accountants continued to approach the department. On the even date, at around 5 PM we along with many of our CA friends and colleagues were present at the CGST department Sector-32, Gurugram for a peaceful discussion with the commissioner of CGST i.e., Mrs. Meenu Kumarr (IRS), for raising our grievance against the officials who are without any reason and rhyme falsely implicating innocent chartered Accountants who discharge there professional obligations without personally getting involved in any kind of shady activities. The department has made its habits and modus operandi to falsely implicate the innocent Chartered Accountants for the acts of their clients who are masters for their own wrong.

However, to our utter shock and surprise, the commissioner CGST despite being present in her good office did not even have the audacity or humbleness to at least listen to our request. lnfact, the some of the officials of the department, out of the blue, started using filthy and abusive language against the CA’s present there. They did not limit their atrocities to that but also started using criminal force against the CA’s present by indulging into hustle and pushing the CA’s thereby manhandling the CA’s present. At that point of time also we requested the officials to not use any physical force against the Chartered Accounts as we have come here in peace and harmony, but they did not give any heed to our requests. The officials of the department under the instructions and directions of the commissioner CGST further extended their illegal act by wrongfully restraining around 60-70 Chartered Accountants within the gated premises for CGST department building by putting locks on all the entry exit gates of the said building thereby voluntarily causing obstructions so as to prevent all of us to proceed out of the said premises. The said act of all the officials of the CGST department not only amount to wrongful restraint but majorly amounts to wrongful confinement as we were not allowed to proceed beyond the boundaries of CGST Building.

Thereafter, a 100 No., call was made and the police official along with SHO, SDM, ACP and media persons came to the spot. Only after their interventions, the CGST department unlocked the gates and released the Chartered Accountants after a long span of around 4 to 5 hours.

We here by request to take appropriate legal action against all the CGST officials involved including commissioner CGST and provide protection to us as we have strong apprehension that the CGST department and its officials would perform many more illegal and unlawful arm-twisting techniques against all of us so as to create undue pressure upon us to achieve their ulterior motives.

It is further to bring your kind notice that the highest officials of the CGST department are involved in all kinds corrupt practices including demand of bribery. Therefore, an independent inquiry by CBI is necessary to break the syndicate working within the department. Some of the complaints already filed against the department are enclosed herewith for your pursual.

We have utmost faith in our legal system and the constitution of India. We strongly believe that the SATYAMEVA JAYATE shall prevail.

The Text of the Memorandum is Given Below:

  1. The Chief Minister of Haryana,
    Chief Minister Office , Gurugram , Haryana.
  2. The Deputy Commissioner,
    Gurugram, Haryana.
  3. The Commissioner of Police,
    Gurugram, Haryana.

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