Chartered Accountants To Hold Protest Against CA Amendment Bill And IIA

A picture circulating in social media is showing that:

All CA Members & Students Kindly Join us in Peaceful Protest against CA Amendment Bill & IIA at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi April 02, 2022 (Saturday)

Time: 10 AM to 4 PM


    13 thoughts on “Chartered Accountants To Hold Protest Against CA Amendment Bill And IIA”

    1. Monopoly is not good whether it’s related to goods or services or autonomous institution.
      Setting up IIA is good decision and many CA students are in favor. When icai have failed students at 199 marks 390 marks for both grp in multiple attempts, it’s not like that particular student is incapable it’s just that icai has setup passing percentage. all this non sense will be set aside in IIA. so 80% ca students are in favour of IIA. All the best ICAI.

      1. Bhai tumko ICAI ne agar fail kiya he tbhi tum icai k against bol rhe ho
        Usne isliye fail kiya 399 pr bhi bachho ko q ki institute best professionals provide krna chahti he na ki iit iim ki trh reservation basis pr chahe jisko hi apni valuable membership aur cop dena chahti he

        1. Prasanth Keerthiseelan

          Hi Devraj, I have seen lots of CA professionals and had about 20 of them report to me. The quality of the CA’s is very bad. They ack basic accounting knowledge and most are so low on practical knowledge. A B com graduate is far superior than CA/ ICWA candidates. Most of the CA/ ICWA candidates are openly saying that they have put dummy articleship experience. So the current lot of CA/ ICWA candidates are not industry ready. So your point of best candidates needs to be changed to muggers. ( Only muggers are CA/ICWA.

        2. ICAI purposely fails intelligent students repeatedly and destroys their lives. It doesn’t want more CAs, it only wants more students as bonded labourers. It’s a well known fact that CAs pay poorly. Moreover the quality of CA’s in India is very poor. They are fit for only putting ticks.

    2. CA Shripad Vaidya

      I am FCA of 1987 batch. Though, I a
      have not been into practice all the while and I have been fully into employment, so not closely related to practice. I support the complete autonomous status.
      However, while doing so, I would request members to push for strong actions against violators and non-performance. Institute has to be extremely strict on the defaulters, violators, non-performance. There should be no scope for leniency.

    3. Satish Kumar K N

      In life we make decisions in good faith hoping for the best to turn up in the future. But when we make the decision we do not know for sure that we are right.

      But this Govt may have made the decision more in revenge than in hope. The Govt miserably failed to unearth black money despite demonetisation. Even after 4 years their GST portal is in bad condition and the trouble the CA community went through is something that I would not wish even for my enemies

      Even their latest misadventure in the IT Dept portal only shows that they do not want to learn. Such a shoddy implementation is a shame on both the Govt as well as the software provider…

      Now they want to clean up CA profession!!! Ha ha what a joke……

      Unknowingly the Govt may have started its own downfall. It may in the long run backfire on the Govt. I say so because all these amendments appear to have been made at the behest of Multi National Accounting Firms to kill and stifle Indian Accounting firms. This will also hurt India’s national interests in the financial, economic and commercial fields at an international level because such multi national accounting firms only look after their brand names and selfish interests instead of India’s interests.

    4. Hello Dear article writer,
      For your information Government has not accepted the proposal to establish IIA so before spreading this type of news you should research correctly.
      The CA Amendment Bill is all about on changes in disciplinary committee composition. Nothing else.

      1. Vishwa Khiloshiya

        You are telling right sir, this article writer is misleading, giving false information…

    5. The ICAI it itself responsible for the current state of affairs as those occupying the chairs were never and even today are not interested for the profession, but to enhance their personal image and to get creamy audits allotted to themselves. They toed government line in every piece of legislation brought in, but never opposed and so the results are there for everyone to see now.

    6. The decision of the government is good move. Establishment IIA is not good. The bill is providing more transparency and timely actions on wrong doer.

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