CA Exams Results: AIR 1 Harsh Choudhary shares his path to success; “I took ten-minute breaks after every two hours and regularly……

Chartered Accountancy has always been an upwards and onward journey for ICAI CA Finals 2022 topper, Harsh Chowdhary, who scored 618/800 bagging the top rank nationwide. Harsh started out All India Rank(AIR) 13 in his ICAI Foundation Exam, whilst also scoring a whopping 92% in his class 12 boards.

“I was good at practically applying the concepts I learned, but spelling out the theory during the exams was my weak point. My mentors asked me to stay focused because they were already certain that I understood my concepts through and through,” said Harsh, who went on to secure AIR 2 in his ICAI intermediate exam.

According to the topper, the exams are not as tough as they seem. Talking to The Free Press Journal, Harsh said, “Most people flounder when they refer to external syllabus instead of focusing on what was provided by the institute. The material ICAI provides is very extensive but it is worth the trouble as it has the answers to most of the questions asked in the exam.”

Harsh finished his two year articleship from KPMG, an acclaimed firm which is a part of the big four. After bagging work experience and attending coaching classes, the New Delhi student set aside six months to study on his own when he spent 13 to 14 hours studying each day.

Harsh said that he just followed the ICAI material for the preparations. “I mainly followed the ICAI material for the preparations, follow the guidelines of my tutors and books recommended by them,” said the CA topper. Harsh has tutors for every subject for the CA preparations.

Months before the CA exam preparations, Harsh followed the previous year papers and CA sample papers but did not practice any mock test. “I just practice the previous year papers to sharpen my preparations. I did not take any mock test and not follow online materials for the preparations,” he said. Harsh was good in Maths in school days and that inspired him to take the CA exam. “I have no family members to inspire me into this profession. I was good in Maths in school days and after getting AIR 30 in CA foundation, I was confident to crack the CA exam,” the topper said. Harsh secured AIR 2 in the CA intermediate exam.

“I took ten-minute breaks after every two hours and regularly went out for walks while tuning into music, these habits kept me going,” he explained. Shocked at his feats, Harsh’s parents are elated to see him score so well, while trying to get used to his academic flair.

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  1. Such a sick system of education. Focused entirely on getting marks and beating others rather than any concern for the subject itself. Imagine studying certain material all day for months or years of one’s life not because it is the best way to learn the subject or perform well in the profession, but just because it has all the answers that will be on an arbitrary test.

    India needs to modernize its education system or it will flounder.

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