Read What Professionals Are Saying About Non-Availability Of GSTR-2B

GSTR-2B for April 2022 is showing data till the month of March 2022. i.e. Data for April 2022 are missing in April 2022 GSTR-2B. This is due to technical glitch in the GST Portal.

So, read what professionals are saying about non-availability of GSTR-2B:

CA Bimal Jain has tweeted that “When Taxpayers liable to pay late fees for delay in filing GST returns, then, Taxpayers should also get late fees for delay in getting updated statement like #GSTR2B…

This is called Equity and at Par treatment..”

CA Dr. Arpit Haldia has tweeted that “Will Taxpayers be able “2C” “2B” CBIC”

What are your thoughts on this??