Professionals Are Questioning The Authority Of GSTN After Issuance Of Advisory For GSTR-2B

GSTN has issued advisory on GSTR-2B for the month of April 2022 on 15th May 2022. To read the advisory, Please Click Here

In this advisory, GSTN has advised taxpayers to avail ITC as per GSTR-2A on self assessment basis till the technical team is resolving the issue of missing entries in GSTR-2B. After this advisory, professionals are questioning the authority of GSTN by sharing their tweets. Let’s have a look on these:

CA Abhishek Rajaram has tweeted that “Section 16(2)(aa) clearly states that ITC wef 1-Jan-22 has to be availed as per Records availability in GSTR-2B

How can an Advisory by a Software Company supress Law?

If they correct the records & April ITC is shown in May then Dept. may issue SCN for 1 month Interest ..!!”

CA Dr Arpit Haldia has tweeted that “GSTR-2B does not works-Take ITC asper GSTR-2A

Someday GSTR-2A will not work-Take ITC as per Books. 

Someday when Assessment will be made-Why you did take ITC as per GSTR-2A/Books..Why not as per GSTR-2B..

Everyone will Forget that there was a Technical Glitch..”

What are your views on it??