The GST compensation being received by the MP government for five years is ending from July 1. At present, whatever revenue the government gets, 15% to 20% of the GST compensation remains, now this will stop. Due to this, in the three quarters of the ongoing financial year, about 9 thousand crore rupees to the government. There will be a loss.

However, a plan has also been made on how to compensate it. According to Finance Department Secretary Gyaneshwar Patil, the government has prepared some options to compensate for the deficit. The central government is giving interest free loans for 50 years. Due to this, 7 to 8 thousand crore rupees will be given to the MP government. can meet.

 Similarly, you can also compensate by selling government properties. According to sources, the government can put pressure on the Excise, Registration, Mining and Forest Department to earn extra for this. Efforts have started at the departmental level.

The same issue may arise in the revenue review meeting to be chaired by the Chief Minister on Saturday. Let us tell you that in the financial year 2021-22 ended on March 31, the total estimated compensation of the government is Rs 12 thousand crore. was more than