1. Enhancements have been done in GSTR-1/IFF for further improving it’s performance & user-experience. The major changes include introduction of a simpler single-step filing process by removal of ‘Submit’ button, introduction of a new table-wise consolidated summary in GSTR-1/IFF in a simpler format before actual filing of GSTR-1/IFF and introducing recipient-wise summary for simpler reconciliation.

2. For creating awareness amongst all the stakeholders, GSTN is holding a webinar on this topic, as per details given below:

YouTube link to




During the session, viewers can post their Queries in LiveChat / Comments section which will be responded to by our panel.Recording of these sessions will also be available on GSTNs dedicated YouTube channel, at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFYpOk92qurlO5t-Z_y-bOQ for viewing later on.

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Team GSTN.