GSTN portal becomes trouble for small businessmen, details missing on tax deposit, now the burden of penalty started falling

The GSTN portal has once again become a problem for small traders in the country. According to the information, even after paying GST for the whole year, the tax arrears are showing on the portal on the composition dealers. According to estimates, the number of such traders is more than 50 percent. Now those traders are facing a penalty of Rs 50 per day.

Composition traders are now demanding the government to fix the flaw in the portal and extend the due date of annual return. In fact, most of the businessmen have not been able to file their annual return GSTR-4 correctly till April 30. In such a situation, the information about the GST which they have already deposited with the department has disappeared from the portal.

Under government rules, businessmen with an annual turnover of up to Rs 1.5 crore are included in this scheme for this purpose. Under this scheme, there is a facility to pay GST of only one percent of the total sales and file returns every three months. The real problem started when the department added a new table 6 by making changes in the quarterly return form CMP 08 from the year 2019-20. In this, the information of GST payment had to be filled.

GST deposited but could not fill the details

Experts say that most of the traders could not fill these details though they have deposited GST. Now due to this lapse, now the negative liability of GST has started showing on the portal. When the traders complained, the department advised that by re-depositing the GST and taking its refund in future.

More than half the businessmen caught in this trouble

Tax matters expert Abhishek Raja Ram has told Hindustan that there is a large number of such and they are not able to come out together, because they have no organization which can put the demands of all together in front of the government. According to him, more than half the businessmen will be trapped in this problem. At the same time, the income of these businessmen is also limited, due to which they are not in a position to pay tax twice. He has suggested that the government should do the work of providing relief to the businessmen by extending the date of this return.